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Openstack360blog is maintained by Kiran Pawar and his team. Kiran has around 15 years of experience working on various public and private cloud solutions. He has worked on GPU virtualisation for hypervisors like Xen, Redhat KVM, VMware ESXi. Since 2018, he has being working on Openstack cloud and its deployment. Due to flexible and open-source nature of Openstack, Kiran gained good amount of knowledge about Openstack. This results in huge contribution for Openstack services as well as multiple offerings of Openstack deployments as mentioned below.

Development :
Kiran has done significant contribution to various Openstack services e.g. Nova, Manila, Cinder, Designate, Glance etc.

Deployment :
Deploy Openstack cloud using Redhat TripleO, Ubuntu Juju, Kolla-ansible and also by standalone docker containers running Openstack services.

Work Portfolio:
Kiran and his team are working on small as well as large scale Openstack cloud located in Germany, Norway and USA. The small scale cloud is distributed across less than 5 regions (or countries) while large scale cloud is distributed across 30+ regions. As a use case, some cloud are offering GPU as a Service, FPGA as a Service. With our expertise of Openstack Nova, we managed to develop features to fulfill specific need of clients as those features are not part of upstream Nova. On large scale cloud, Kiran continue to develop features and provide support for flexible shared storage using NetApp backend of Openstack Manila.

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For any work or query related to Openstack, Feel free to contact me or connect on LinkedIn. We are glad to serve you.

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