Openstack Ansible – Run playbooks

During the installation process, three primary playbooks are executed:

  1. The “setup-hosts.yml” playbook serves as the foundation for Ansible. It prepares the target hosts by configuring infrastructure and OpenStack services, building and restarting containers on the target hosts, and installing common components within the containers on the target hosts.
  2. The “setup-infrastructure.yml” playbook focuses on installing infrastructure services. This includes setting up services such as Memcached, the repository server, Galera (for database clustering), and RabbitMQ (a message broker).
  3. The “setup-openstack.yml” playbook is responsible for installing the various OpenStack services. These services encompass Identity (keystone), Image (glance), Block Storage (cinder), Compute (nova), Networking (neutron), and more.

By executing these three playbooks, the infrastructure and services required for an OpenStack environment are established. The details steps as below: Check the integrity of the configuration files. Ensure that all the files edited in the /etc/openstack_deploy directory are Ansible yaml compliant. And then run the playbooks to install openstack. Run below commands

# cd /opt/openstack-ansible/playbooks  
# openstack-ansible setup-infrastructure.yml --syntax-check 
# openstack-ansible setup-hosts.yml 
# openstack-ansible setup-infrastructure.yml 
# ansible galera_container -m shell \   -a "mysql -h localhost -e 'show status like \"%wsrep_cluster_%\";'" 
# openstack-ansible setup-openstack.yml

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