Openstack Glance is image service which is responsible to discover, register, and retrieve virtual machine (VM) images, such as operating system images and disk snapshots.

“glance-api” service

Glance is an OpenStack service that provides image services for use with virtual machines (VMs) and containers. It acts as a central repository for storing, discovering, and retrieving virtual machine images, disk images, and other image artifacts. The Glance API is the primary interface through which users and other OpenStack services interact with Glance. It …

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“glance-registry” service

OpenStack Glance is a service that provides image discovery, registration, and retrieval functionalities for cloud environments. It allows users to store, catalog, and manage various types of virtual machine (VM) images, such as operating system images, snapshots, and software templates. The Glance Registry service, also known as the Glance-Registry, is responsible for storing and managing …

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