Openstack Ansible – Verify operations

Once Openstack cloud is deployed, user/admin needs to perform some steps to conclude installation is successful and cloud is accessible. Let us walkthrough some of steps:

Verify the API
  1. Determine the name of the utility container:
    # lxc-ls | grep utility infra1_utility_container-111111 
  2. Access the utility container:
    # lxc-attach -n infra1_utility_container-111111 
  3. Source the admin tenant credentials:
    # . ~/openrc
  4. Run any Openstack command
    # openstack user list
    # openstack project list
Verify the Web GUI (Horizon dashboard)
  1. external_lb_vip_address option in the /etc/openstack_deploy/openstack_user_config.yml file will give the horizon dashboard IP address. The Dashboard uses HTTPS on port 443.
  2. keystone_auth_admin_password option in the /etc/openstack_deploy/user_secrets.yml file will give the password for admin user to login to dashboard.

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