Openstack Zun provides container management services for deploying and managing containerized applications.


OpenStack Zun-CNI-Daemon, also known as Zun Container Networking Interface (CNI) Daemon, is a component of the OpenStack Zun project. Zun is an OpenStack service that provides container management capabilities, allowing users to deploy and manage containerized applications within an OpenStack environment. The Zun-CNI-Daemon is responsible for managing container networking for Zun containers. It integrates with …

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“zun-wsproxy” service

OpenStack Zun-wsproxy is a component of the OpenStack Zun project that provides a WebSocket proxy for container-based applications. Zun is the OpenStack project for container management, enabling users to launch and manage containers within an OpenStack cloud environment. Zun-wsproxy specifically focuses on providing WebSocket connectivity for containers. WebSocket is a communication protocol that provides full-duplex …

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“zun-compute” service

OpenStack Zun-Compute is a component of the OpenStack platform that provides container management and orchestration capabilities. It is specifically designed to manage and run containers at scale in a cloud environment. Zun-Compute integrates with other OpenStack services to provide a comprehensive solution for container-based application deployment and management. Here are some key details about OpenStack …

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“zun-api” service

OpenStack Zun is a container service that provides an API for managing and running containers in an OpenStack environment. It allows users to launch and manage containerized applications on OpenStack using a simple and consistent interface. The Zun API is a crucial component of Zun that enables users to interact with the container service. Here …

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