Openstack Development:
As a cloud provider, organizations often have the need to offer functionalities that are not available in the open-source OpenStack platform. Consequently, it becomes crucial to internally develop these features and implement them in their production environment. Kiran and his team play a vital role in this process, which entails:

  1. Creating new features or resolving bugs through in-house development and deploying them in production setup.
  2. Collaborating with customers and obtaining their agreement to contribute the development work to the upstream repositories of the OpenStack project.
  3. Providing ongoing maintenance and support for the implemented features and bug fixes.

Openstack Deployment:
We help to deploy openstack cloud on your hardware. It involves:

  1. Decide best openstack deployment(e.g. Redhat TripleO, Ubuntu Juju, kolla-ansible) based on customer use case and budget
  2. Deploy openstack cloud and provide support for agreed customization if any
  3. Provide short-term(2 years) as well as long-term(10 years) maintenance support

Openstack workshop:
For student and newbies we offer workshop on Openstack services and its deployment. It involves:

  1. Lectures on detailed overview of Openstack and its services, what each service does and collaborates with other services
  2. Hands-on lab for various Openstack deployment solutions

For any work or query related to Openstack, Feel free to contact me or connect on LinkedIn. We are glad to serve you.

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