Openstack TripleO allows you to deploy and manage OpenStack services using OpenStack itself as the underlying infrastructure.

Openstack TripleO Network Configuration

TripleO offers a default network topology when deploying with network isolation enabled, and this is reflected {tripleo_repo}/network-data-samples/default-network-isolation.yaml file in tripleo-heat-templates. These default networks are as follows: External – External network traffic (disabled by default for Compute/Storage nodes) InternalApi – Internal API traffic, most intra-service traffic uses this network by default Storage – Storage traffic StorageMgmt …

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Openstack TripleO Storage Configuration

In TripleO overcloud deployment, various storage options like Volume, Shared File system, Object storage can be provided with various ways. Check below some options: 1. Adding custom backend to Cinder (Volume Service) Each backend is represented in cinder.conf with a stanza and a reference to it from the enabled_backends key. The keys valid in the …

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Openstack TripleO Overcloud Environment Preparation

To prepare baremetal environment following things needs to consider: 1. Hardware configuration To deploy a minimal TripleO cloud with TripleO you need the following baremetal machines: Undercloud Overcloud Controller Overcloud Compute For each additional Overcloud role, such as Block Storage or Object Storage, you need an additional baremetal machine.The baremetal machines must meet the following …

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