Openstack Ceilometer is designed to provide metering and data collection services in a cloud computing environment.

“ceilometer-agent-notification” service

Ceilometer is an OpenStack component that provides telemetry services for collecting and processing metering data in an OpenStack cloud environment. The ceilometer-agent-notification is one of the services provided by Ceilometer, responsible for receiving and processing metering notifications. Here’s a detailed explanation of ceilometer-agent-notification: In summary, the ceilometer-agent-notification is a component of the Ceilometer project in …

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“ceilometer-agent-central” service

The OpenStack ceilometer-agent-central is a component of the OpenStack Telemetry (Ceilometer) project. Ceilometer is designed to collect, process, and store metering data in an OpenStack environment. The ceilometer-agent-central specifically plays a role in collecting metering data from various OpenStack services.This is actually the polling agent ceilometer-polling running with parameter –polling-namespace central. Here are some details about the ceilometer-agent-central component: …

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“ceilometer-agent-compute” service

Ceilometer is the telemetry service component in the OpenStack cloud computing platform. It is responsible for collecting and processing various measurements and metrics from different OpenStack services, such as compute, storage, and networking components. Ceilometer collects data related to resource utilization, performance, and other relevant metrics, which can be used for billing, capacity planning, and …

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“ceilometer-api” service

OpenStack Ceilometer is a telemetry and metering service that is part of the OpenStack ecosystem. It provides a framework for collecting, processing, and querying various metrics and measurements from different OpenStack services and resources. Ceilometer helps operators and administrators to gain insights into the usage and performance of their OpenStack cloud infrastructure. The Ceilometer service …

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