Designate is multi-tenant DNSaaS service for OpenStack, allowing users to manage DNS zones and records through the OpenStack API

“designate-mdns” service

Designate-mDNS is a component of the OpenStack Designate project that provides Multicast DNS (mDNS) support for the DNS-as-a-Service functionality. To understand designate-mDNS, let’s break down the key concepts: Now, let’s dive into the details of designate-mDNS: Overall, designate-mDNS enhances the DNSaaS capabilities of OpenStack Designate by integrating mDNS support. It enables service discovery and local …

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“designate-worker” service

In OpenStack, Designate employs a distributed architecture to handle DNS requests efficiently. The designate-worker is one of the key components responsible for processing and handling DNS requests. Here’s a detailed explanation of the designate-worker: In summary, the designate-worker is a vital component of the OpenStack Designate service responsible for processing DNS-related tasks in an asynchronous …

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“designate-central” service

Designate-Central acts as the central management service for DNS zones and records in OpenStack Designate. It coordinates with other Designate services and components to provide DNS functionality in an OpenStack environment. Here are some key aspects of OpenStack Designate-Central: Overall, OpenStack Designate-Central plays a crucial role in providing DNS management services within an OpenStack cloud …

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“designate-producer” service

OpenStack Designate Producer, also known as the Designate Producer Service, is a component of the OpenStack cloud computing platform that provides DNS-as-a-Service (DNSaaS) capabilities. It is responsible for managing and provisioning DNS resources within an OpenStack deployment. Here is a detailed overview of OpenStack Designate Producer: Overall, OpenStack Designate Producer plays a vital role in …

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