Openstack Manila service is responsible to create share and provide export location so that user can mount it.

How to create and use Manila share ?

1. To create manila share and access it, use below steps: 1. Use manila create command and specify the required arguments e.g. size of the share and the shared file system protocol e.g. NFS, CIFS, GlusterFS, HDFS, CephFS or MAPRFS. Optionally need to provide share type and share network2. Use manila show command and make sure share is in available state. Also check …

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“manila-share” service

The “manila-share” component in OpenStack Manila refers to the backend service responsible for handling the actual sharing and management of file systems. It is deployed on storage nodes and interacts with the underlying storage systems to provide file storage services to OpenStack users. Here are some key aspects and functionalities of the OpenStack Manila-share component: …

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“manila-scheduler” service

The Manila scheduler is a component of OpenStack Manila that handles the task of selecting the best available storage backend to satisfy a user’s request for a file share. The Manila scheduler is responsible for determining the optimal storage backend based on various factors such as capacity, performance, availability, and user-specified requirements. It ensures that …

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