“ceilometer-agent-central” service

The OpenStack ceilometer-agent-central is a component of the OpenStack Telemetry (Ceilometer) project. Ceilometer is designed to collect, process, and store metering data in an OpenStack environment. The ceilometer-agent-central specifically plays a role in collecting metering data from various OpenStack services.
This is actually the polling agent ceilometer-polling running with parameter --polling-namespace central.

Here are some details about the ceilometer-agent-central component:

  1. Purpose: The ceilometer-agent-central is responsible for collecting metering data from different OpenStack services, including compute (Nova), block storage (Cinder), image (Glance), networking (Neutron), and other services. It acts as a central agent for collecting and processing metering data.
  2. Metering Data Collection: The agent-central retrieves metering data from various OpenStack services through their respective APIs. It collects information about resource utilization, such as CPU usage, memory usage, network traffic, and other relevant metrics.
  3. Data Processing: Once the metering data is collected, the ceilometer-agent-central processes and transforms it into a format suitable for storage and analysis. This may involve data normalization, aggregation, and filtering based on configuration settings.
  4. Message Queue: The ceilometer-agent-central component utilizes a message queue, typically RabbitMQ, to exchange messages with other ceilometer components. It publishes collected metering data to the message queue for further processing.
  5. Publisher: As part of its role, the agent-central acts as a publisher by sending metering data to the ceilometer message queue. This allows other ceilometer components, such as the collector and notifier, to consume and process the data.
  6. Configuration: The ceilometer-agent-central is configured through the ceilometer configuration file (ceilometer.conf). The configuration specifies which OpenStack services to monitor, the polling intervals, the metering data collection settings, and the message queue connection details.
  7. Scalability: The ceilometer-agent-central can be deployed on multiple compute nodes or other relevant OpenStack services to ensure scalability and distribute the load of metering data collection. This allows for efficient monitoring of a large-scale OpenStack deployment.
  8. Integration with other Ceilometer Components: The agent-central component works in conjunction with other ceilometer components, such as the ceilometer-collector and ceilometer-notifier. The collector component receives metering data from the message queue and stores it in the ceilometer database, while the notifier component generates notifications based on predefined rules.
  9. Database Storage: The collected metering data is typically stored in a backend database, such as MongoDB or an SQL database. The ceilometer-agent-central does not directly interact with the database but relies on the collector component to handle storage.

Overall, the ceilometer-agent-central is a vital component of the Ceilometer project in OpenStack. It serves as a bridge between the various OpenStack services and the Ceilometer system, enabling the collection and processing of metering data for monitoring and resource utilization analysis.

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