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OpenStack Cyborg, also known as the “OpenStack Accelerator Management Service,” is an OpenStack project that provides a framework for managing and orchestrating hardware accelerators, such as GPUs, FPGAs, and DPUs (Data Processing Units). The Cyborg project aims to abstract the complexity of accelerator hardware and provide a unified interface for provisioning, attaching, and managing accelerators within an OpenStack cloud environment.

The Cyborg API serves as the primary interface for interacting with the Cyborg service. It allows users and administrators to perform various operations related to accelerator management. Here are some key features and components of the Cyborg API:

  1. Accelerator Management: The Cyborg API provides methods for discovering, registering, and managing accelerators in an OpenStack deployment. It allows users to query the available accelerators, get information about their capabilities, and reserve them for specific workloads.
  2. Accelerator Attachments: The API enables users to attach accelerators to instances or virtual machines (VMs) running within the OpenStack cloud. This allows users to leverage the power of hardware accelerators for tasks that require high-performance computing, such as machine learning, data analytics, and video encoding.
  3. Device Profiles: Cyborg supports the concept of device profiles, which define the characteristics and capabilities of an accelerator device. The API provides methods for creating, updating, and managing device profiles, allowing administrators to configure and customize the behavior of accelerators based on their specific requirements.
  4. Deployable Images: Cyborg introduces the concept of deployable images, which represent pre-built software environments that can be deployed onto accelerator devices. The API allows users to manage deployable images, including creating, updating, and deleting them.
  5. API Extensions: Cyborg supports extensions to the API, allowing additional functionality to be added by implementing plugins. These extensions can provide features like specific accelerator vendor support or custom operations tailored to the needs of the deployment.
  6. Integration with other OpenStack Services: The Cyborg API integrates with other OpenStack services like Nova (Compute) and Neutron (Networking) to enable seamless management and allocation of accelerators for VMs. This integration allows users to request and utilize accelerators when launching instances through the OpenStack Compute API.

By leveraging the Cyborg API, administrators and users can harness the power of hardware accelerators more efficiently within their OpenStack cloud environments. It provides a standardized interface for accelerator management, simplifying the deployment and utilization of these resources for high-performance workloads.

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