Fix installation issues of devstack

Devstack is mostly used for development purpose because it allows to install Openstack service components on single machine and debug them. However during installation user might face some issues. We have mentioned those issue and their fixes.

Fail to install on Ubuntu 20.04/22.04 due to OVN

Due to OVN configuration, you might face failure during installation. To fix this, make changes in devstack folder to change OVS_RUNDIR from
“/var/run/openvswitch” to “/var/run/ovn”. The diff will look like

Fail to install due to repositories branch mismatch

In order to install devstack correctly, we need to make sure all components/services should be on same version i.e. master or some specific version e.g. xena, yoga, zed etc.
If “devstack” is on master version and other component e.g. “Nova” is checked out to “Xena” version, devstack installation script will fail due to API/functionality mismatch.

The best way to fix in this case start from scratch again. Thus, delete devstack folder and start installation. If you want to install devstack on specific release e.g. xena, once you do git clone of the devstack repository, change the branch to “stable/xena”. This will change branch of all installable components to same branch i.e. “stable/xena” and continue installation.

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