VMware Integrated Openstack (VIO)

VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) is a product offered by VMware that combines the open-source OpenStack cloud computing platform with VMware’s virtualization and management capabilities. VIO allows organizations to deploy and operate OpenStack clouds on top of their existing VMware infrastructure.

Here are some key points about VMware Integrated OpenStack:

  1. OpenStack Integration: VIO integrates the OpenStack framework into the VMware software-defined data center (SDDC) stack. It allows users to leverage the powerful features of OpenStack while benefiting from the robustness, scalability, and management capabilities of VMware’s virtualization platform.
  2. Deployment and Management: VIO provides tools and automation to simplify the deployment and ongoing management of OpenStack environments. It leverages VMware’s management interfaces, such as vCenter and vSphere, to streamline the provisioning, monitoring, and lifecycle management of OpenStack resources.
  3. Compatibility with VMware Products: VIO is designed to work seamlessly with other VMware products and solutions. It integrates with VMware NSX for network virtualization, vSAN for storage, and vRealize Suite for cloud management and automation, among others. This compatibility allows users to leverage their existing VMware investments while adding OpenStack capabilities.
  4. High Availability and Resilience: VIO incorporates VMware’s high availability and fault tolerance features to ensure the reliability and resilience of OpenStack environments. It leverages VMware’s vSphere High Availability (HA) and Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) to maintain uptime and optimize resource utilization.
  5. Networking and Security: VIO integrates with VMware NSX, which enables advanced networking and security capabilities for OpenStack environments. NSX provides software-defined networking (SDN) functionality, including network virtualization, microsegmentation, and network automation, enhancing the network agility and security of OpenStack deployments.
  6. Compatibility with OpenStack APIs: VIO supports the standard OpenStack APIs, ensuring compatibility with OpenStack applications and services. This allows users to leverage the vast ecosystem of OpenStack-compatible tools, applications, and plugins while benefiting from VMware’s virtualization and management capabilities.

By combining the flexibility and extensibility of OpenStack with the robustness and management capabilities of VMware, VMware Integrated OpenStack offers organizations a powerful solution for building and managing private and hybrid clouds. It enables them to leverage existing VMware investments, provides a familiar interface for VMware administrators, and integrates with VMware’s ecosystem of products and solutions.

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