“zun-wsproxy” service

OpenStack Zun-wsproxy is a component of the OpenStack Zun project that provides a WebSocket proxy for container-based applications. Zun is the OpenStack project for container management, enabling users to launch and manage containers within an OpenStack cloud environment. Zun-wsproxy specifically focuses on providing WebSocket connectivity for containers.

WebSocket is a communication protocol that provides full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection, allowing real-time data transfer between a client and a server. It is commonly used for applications that require continuous two-way communication, such as chat applications, real-time notifications, and collaborative editing tools. The main purpose of Zun-wsproxy is to establish a secure WebSocket connection between a client and a container running in the OpenStack Zun environment. It acts as an intermediary between the client and the container, handling the WebSocket handshake and forwarding messages between them.

Here’s a breakdown of the Zun-wsproxy workflow:

  1. Client Connection: A client initiates a WebSocket connection request to communicate with a specific container within the OpenStack Zun environment.
  2. Zun-wsproxy Routing: The client’s connection request is received by Zun-wsproxy, which verifies the client’s authentication credentials and determines the target container based on the provided information.
  3. WebSocket Handshake: Zun-wsproxy establishes a WebSocket connection with the client by performing the WebSocket handshake. This involves negotiating the protocol version, validating the security key, and confirming the connection.
  4. Container Connection: Once the WebSocket connection with the client is established, Zun-wsproxy establishes a connection with the target container. It uses the Zun API to find the container’s network address and port to establish the connection.
  5. Message Forwarding: With both the client and container connections established, Zun-wsproxy acts as a proxy, forwarding messages between the client and the container in real-time. Messages sent by the client are forwarded to the container, and responses from the container are relayed back to the client.
  6. Connection Termination: When the client or container closes the WebSocket connection, Zun-wsproxy detects the closure and terminates the corresponding connections with both the client and the container.

Zun-wsproxy is designed to provide secure communication between the client and the container. It ensures that only authenticated clients can connect to the containers and provides encryption for data transmission over the WebSocket connection.

Overall, Zun-wsproxy simplifies the process of establishing WebSocket connectivity to containers in the OpenStack Zun environment, allowing real-time communication with containerized applications.

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